Friday, March 9, 2012

Uncle Boris

Hello Readers.
 I feel that you, my dedicated readers, and I have developed a bonding relationship.  A relationship which gives me enough comfort to start introducing you to some members of my family.  Above, is a picture of my eccentric Uncle Boris.  He is the oldest living cyclops on record.  Cyclops usually die at birth.  If they do not die at birth, then they die soon after.  In addition to Uncle Boris being the OLDEST living cyclops, he is also the ONLY living cyclops.
In spite of his one-eyed disability, Uncle Boris can see rather well.  He drives a car with special windows which enable him to have perfect peripheral vision.
Uncle Boris also has very poor teeth.  He does not have dental insurance, so he has been unable to get this corrected.  It will be a very expensive dental procedure and it will involve a series of surgical procedures before dentures can even be made for him.
Uncle Boris recently married.  Below is a picture of my new Aunt Dolly.  She is about 30 years older than Uncle Boris.   He is 65, she is 95.  She is also blind.  Like Uncle Boris, she had never been married before.  They regret they never had children, so they do enjoy all of their nieces and nephews.  They tend to spoil us all, especially the little ones.
I look forward to introducing you to more of my family.  It feels good to share these wonderful memories with you.
by Renee Robinson

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