Monday, March 12, 2012

Teardrops And Bloodstains, trio The image came from Jo's Blog, the link is above. You might want to check it out.
Teardrops and bloodstains
Part One:
Crying over you
Taken away
Nothing I could do
It was long and suffering
Watching you die
Whenever I saw you
I couldn’t help but cry
You were strong
Did us all proud
You didn’t have to
I would of been screaming loud
I hope you didn’t hide emotions
For us all
Afraid we couldn’t take it
Afraid we’d crumble and fall
I’d rather you didn’t hide
Crawling deep within yourself
I would rather see you cry
If you needed to
What is done is done
I am not complaining
You were so strong
And I was crumbling
I love you so dear
I don’t know how to go on
You were always near
Why did you have to suffer?
You were so good
You could not of been any tougher
It makes me so mad
You were taken away
Everyone is grieving and sad
To see you bleed and in pain
Seems so cruel
Is insane
I need to pray
I need to find out why
I need to say
Just how I feel
Maybe God will
Give me some comfort
Ease my will
Settle my grief
Help me to accept
Help me not to seethe
These things
We do not understand
Their is no reason
We learn to withstand
It is a reminder
It makes us stronger
Life is too short
We assume it is longer
I must go now
To begin to pray
I will be back
Later this day
Singing Spirit
Part  Two:
Dear Lord
I feel her spirit all around me
I thank God for this comfort
She is letting me know she is all right
God has delivered her from her plight
She has no more fears
No more pains
No more tears
No more needles
No more chemo
No longer feeble
She is strong and she is nimble
Thank you Lord
For her song
Her spirit sings
So softly to me:
Song of the Angels
Floating so sweetly
Engulfing  completely
Spiritual awakening
Here in your time of need
Helping you to go on
You follow and I lead
I will keep you strong
 Thank You Lord
For this blessing
I will always miss her
I know she is no longer hurting
Is in  happy place
I feel so much better
Thank You for Your grace
My forgiving Saviour

The dance with cancer is a dangerous one.  It takes so many, the old or the young.  I have turned toward the heavens to give me the strength, to continue my fight and to help in my plight.  Some tell me, it may not be His will for me to live.  What are they thinking?  My ship is NOT sinking.  Giving up the fight, is certain death.  I plan on fighting and screaming and causing a shipwreck!  But am not going down with this ship.  I am not the captain and I have a permission slip!  Humor is a weapon most important to me.  It conceals my insanity  and  it strengthens me.  Onward I go, I continue this dance.  My feet are hurting, but I still have a chance!

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  1. Good for you ... and we're all insance aren't we! Insanity is a survival skill.

    Renee, you are awarded the Sunshine award. The details and your information on here:

    You'll have to scroll down in the post to get to the Sunshine Award. The details follow the poem for that day. I hope you'll accept it. It is given with love.

    Hugs & Prayers,