Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Soul Collection Library

I am tired of this life
My broken down body
I think it is time to turn it in
Find new shoes to walk in
Selecting a new life
Who shall I be?
What generation would I like?
Would I like to be a celebrity?
Go back to the roaring 20′s?
Perhaps fly into the future
The year 6012
I could be a futuristic elf
(No wonder that is still on the shelf)
Let’s see, there is a hag
And a bag lady
An evil villain
Hundreds of spirits are shady
No one wants them
No one checks them out
We all want to be
Someone with clout
Going to pick someone special
Nothing like me
Maybe the Queen of Egypt
Or Cleopatra
Or a future Impress of the sea
Oh wait!
They are checked out
I missed them again
It seems they are never in
All the cool lives
In high demand
It seems they have
Long lifespans
I could always be
A serial killer
Or a politician
No one wants them
What a lousy selection!
I think I will go on
Being just me
I am not ready
To turn in my key
Such slim pickins
Hard to digest
If this is all there is
I will be an insect!
by Renee Robinson

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