Friday, March 2, 2012

The Devil's Wings

What are you waiting for?
Why not take it all?
Lurking in the night
With booty calls
Taking what you don’t have
Never happy until you take
Every morsel, every crumb
Stolen world you create
During the day, smiling bright
Victims not knowing of their plight
All the time planning your heist
Slipping in, like a thief of the night
Vision from classic fairy tales
Devil dressed in Angel’s wings
Stealing hearts and causing pain
Stealing kisses and other’s dreams
A gift wrapped in pretty bows
Concealing heartache and grief
Once unwrapped and exposed
Years of scars underneath
Careful to leave before discovered
A thief in the night sneaking away
Slipping out on tip toes
Ready to devour her next prey
by Renee Robinson

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