Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bug, The Bee And The Box

While I was busy washing some dishes
The boys decided to do a little mischief
I can hear them as they giggle upstairs
What they were up too, I was completely unaware
They were playing with a great big box
Bee, the schemer, had an idea!
What fun it would be if Bug, the pigeon, 
Went down the stairs while inside the bin!
Bug, always eager and willing
Climbs inside the box and teeters at the top of the stairs
He is anxious for his ride
And Bee is more than happy to oblige
3, 2, 1 The box flies
Bee hides
Bug cries
He slammed into a wall and shot of out the box like a rocket!
Bee went deeper into hiding
Bug jumps up on his skinny little legs
He picks up a dust bunny he sees on the floor
Bug holds it out to me and tearfully proclaims 
"I knocked my brains out!"
It was very difficult to have sympathy 
For my  crying little boy
As he inspects the dust bunny
He believes to be his brains
Which he found on the floor
Finally, I just couldn't help it
I burst out laughing
My son looks at me in shock!
I told him it was just a dust bunny
His brains were fully intact
Bug begins to laugh with me
And the deeply hidden Bee
Made his presence known
Sensing he might be "safe" now
The three of us
Laughing together
Creating a memory
Remembered just now

by Renee Robinson

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